Like Alice, we see things from both sides of the glass.

Capturing the idea from concept through image.

Balance. Direction. Repetition. Contrast. Dominance.

 These are fundamental elements and principles of design which influence the composition of a designer's work. Coincidentally, they are also many of the same considerations that go into the making of great photographic compositions. Add to this an understanding of lighting and use of professional equipment and you have the making of dynamic, quality images.


The importance of making the right impression every time.

When photography is required for a project, whether it be for a product, brochure, banner or website, it is important to realize that good or bad, these images will influence the overall impression of an organization in the minds of its audience.


We provide proven photography expertise for many of our client projects including prominent mining, health, professional, retail and non-profit sectors. Offering this "in house" service to our clients is cost-effective and allows us to capture what we creatively envision for each project.


If you're serious about your image, we've got your back... front and sides.

Our mantra |


"objectively-focused. creatively-driven."

We believe in providing strategic creative leadership with the understanding that the best product comes from listening to clients carefully and developing creative communications that address their needs.